Matthew O'Neill is a musical artist living in Upstate New York. Born in Ontario, Matthew spent much of his youth joyously alongside his father in the Eastern Woodlands of Pennsylvania. His music embodies a connection to spirit, Nature, and indigenous perspective. Learning to embrace the inherent contradictions of those ways and contemporary life has been a defining aspect of his work. In bridging the gap between time honored traditions and the modern world, his music offers up fresh options and feelings that are vividly wild, soulful, humorous, and celebratory.   

     At the age of 18, Matthew removed himself from mainstream culture and sought out the education of experience and in the wilderness of the American West.  He lived nomadically in National Forests. living out of a tent and station wagon. During this time he documented and channelled the strength and awareness given into music and writing. Everyday was a wild adventure of deepening connection on the outskirts of civilization. Soon after he began working seasonal jobs and caretaking positions on remote ranches and farms and began self-releasing several albums. While traveling back East he discovered for himself the home he'd been searching for in the Catskill Mountains of New York. Simultaneously he founded and built Atlantic Sound Studios in Brooklyn New York with friend Diko Shoturma.

     In 2010, he moved with his family to Los Angeles, gigged out and finished a record in an off-the-grid shack above Topanga. Fellow Topanga resident and Qigong / plant medicine / tai chi master / friend Bill Fiorella signed him to his new Lone Pine Records imprint. With a classic Sun Ra / Pharaoh Sanders aesthetic they recorded 'Campfire Cook' in a mountain cabin studio in the mountains outside of the LA. The album was done completely analog over the course of 3 days of sonic conjuring, using Daniel Lanois' hand me down analog gear and a self regulating source of electricity.

        He toured nationally in support of the album and immediately began working on on a new album upon returning to his home in the Catskills. The new album, 'Trophic Cascade' was co-produced with 2x Grammy winner and lifelong friend Diko Shoturma (Bjork, St. Vincent, David Criosby) and features a host of super talented musicians. O'Neill and Shoturma worked long and hard making sure the final work lived up to their vision. See press release for more info on this exciting new breakthrough album.