Live Show at The Yodeler / Wrightwood, CA ; Feb 3, 2015

'...Be sure to pack a large tent and a wild array of supplies. It promises to be a wild ride. We step out of our time machine near the end of the last Ice Age. The location is North America, and pre-historic plants and beasts are everywhere. The tent is setup now and all supplies are in place. We are as comfortable as anyone could be twelve thousand years ago.

Matthew O'Neill is not tripping, but you wouldn't know that from listening to his five-piece rock band. Tall and muscled but lean, Mr. O'Neill takes easy command of the venue as his strange brew of roots rock blares out into the crowd.

Ancient peat moss and sabre-toothed tigers inhabit the music. Woolly mammoths rumble by, and the vanished human tribes that hunted them make an appearance. There's even a song called Mastodon to emphasize the point. In this music, the modern era slips away and the audience is transported to another time and culture. The Missing Link has a faded red Les Paul and will not let you go until he's through with you.

When the last swamp has drained itself out of the amplifiers into the ether, the audience is left reflective, not jubilant. This is a strong and mysterious album that they played tonight, not party-time by any stretch. 

I stumbled out into the street after the show with more questions than answers. Well worth a listen."

Arin Coulter